Практическое задание

Write an Abstract related to your current research, alternatively invent some research. Choose one of the two possible structures below.


1. Give a basic introduction to your research area, which can be understood by researchers in any discipline. (1–2 sentences).

2. Provide more detailed background for researchers in your field. (1–2).

3. Clearly state your main result. (1 sentence).

4. Explain what your main result reveals and / or adds when compared to the current literature. (2–3 sentences).

5. Put your results into a more general context and explain the implications. (1–2 sentences).



1. Begin by saying what you did plus introduce one key result, i.e. begin with information that the reader does NOT already know. (1–2 sentences).

2. Introduce the background by connecting in some way to what you said in your introductory sentence / s. (1 sentence).

3. Use the background information (which the reader may or may not already know) to justify what you did, and outline your methodology (and materials where appropriate). (1–2 sentences).

4. Provide some more information regarding your results. (1–2 sentences).

5. Tell the reader the implications of your results. (1–2 sentences).